Here you will find links to glass artists, jewellery makers, suppliers and other artists I admire. I have listed them alphabetically, and not by any personal ranking system. Several of these lovely people I have met in person, whereas some I only know by their work.

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Glass artists and jewellery makers

Aurora Beadz - Handmade glass beads and jewellery by Samantha Halliwell.

Beaujoulais Beads - Handmade glass beads by Ken and June, Derbyshire.

Blue Fairy Designs - Handmade glass jewellery, gifts and homeware.

Camilla Prytz - An amazing Norwegian glass artist, internationally known for her glass jewellery, plates and interior decorations. If you are looking for inspiration check out her showroom, in which many of the photographs are taken by the famous Knut Bry.

Cheeky Cherub Designs - Handmade lampwork beads, designer jewellery, gifts and accessories by Karen Baildon.

Dilunah Glass Designs - Lampwork beads, fused glass coasters and plates, dichroic pendants and glassware gifts.

Elel Jewellery - Handcrafted Jewellery Designs by Lesley Lake.

Fluid Glass Art Beads - Lampwork beads by Ilona Ruttle.

Handmade by Dawn - Glass artist and jewellery maker Dawn Suzanne Turner.

Josephine Wadman Designs - Handmade glass lampwork beads by Josephine Wadman.

Little Castle Designs - Artisan lampwork beads, jewellery and cake decorations by Sabine Little.

Lush Lampwork - Handmade glass beads and jewellery by Julie Fountain.

Mangobeads - Lampwork, silver-core glass beads and jewellery by Amanda Muddimer.

Maple Glass - Handmade glass beads and jewellery by Pamela Jane, Shropshire.

Pegasus Lampwork - Unique handcrafted glass beads.

Sublime Beads - Sublime beads by Kate Sullivan.

The Flying Bead - Handmade lampwork beads and bead sets by Emma Mackintosh in the Lake District.

Turnedlight - Beautiful and unique handmade glass beads by Kathryn Ward.

Vikatun Smykke - Handmade glass and silver jewellery by my gorgeous sister Signe Haugejorden.

glassy Suppliers

Bead Press - Dutch supplier of glass and tools, specialising in bead presses.

Beadysam Glass - Glass supplier, specialises in frit blends.

Glassworks - Belgian supplier of glass and equipment for bead makers.

Tuffnellglass - UK based supplier of glass, tools and findings for the bead maker.

Warm Glass UK - UK based art glass supplier.

inspiration, and just because I like them

Marianne Aulie - Norwegian painter - she paints the most adorable clowns imaginable.

Tom Bache-wiig - Norwegian painter and creator of fine knives and swords - living and working in the village where I grew up: Eivindvik, Norway.